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lambert Family History
English, French, and German: from a Gmc personal name composed of the elements land land, territory + brht bright, famous.

A native OE name Landbeorht iss attested, and seems to have survived the Norman Conquest, when it was massively reinforced by the Continental form imported by the Normans from France. The name gained yet wider currency in the Middle Ages with the immigration of weavers from Flanders, where St Lambert, bishop of Maaastricht c.700, was a popular figure. In Italy the name was popular in the Middle Ages as a result of the fame of Lambert 1 and 2, Dukes of Spoleto and Holy Roman Emperors.

English: occupational name for a shepherd, from OE lamb + hierd.

Vars.:Eng.: Lambart(h), Lambard, lampert, Lamperd, Lampard, Lampart, Lammert, lambrick. Ger.: Lamprecht, Lambrecht, Lambrich(t), Lammerich, Limprecht, Limprich(t).

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