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fox Family History
English: nickname from the animal, ME, OE fox. It may have denoted a cunning individual or been given to someone with red hair or for some other anecdotal reason; there is no evidence (in the shape of early forms with prepositions) to suggest that it was ever derived from a house sign. This relatively commom and readily understood surname seems to have absorbed some early examples of less transparent surnames derived from the Gmc personal names mentioned at Faulkes and Foulkes.

Irish: translation of Gael. Mac an tSionnaigh "Son of the fox".

Jewish (Ashkenazic): Anglicized form of the Jewish cogns. given below, often the result of a desire to avoid association with mod. Eng. fucks.

Low German: part. from the given name Fock.

Vars.: Foxe, Foxman, Fuchsman.

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