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elliott Family History - Irish Origin
English: dim. of Ellis.

English and Scots: from a ME given name, Elyat, Elyt. THis represents at least two OE personal names which have fallen together: the male name Adelgeat (composed of the elements adel noble + Geat, a tribal name), and the famale personal name Adelgyd (composed to the elements adel noble + gyd battle). The ME name seems also to have absorbed various other given names of OE or Continental Gmc origin, as for example OE AElfweald.

Scots; Anglicized form of the originally distinct Gael. surname Elloch, Eloth, a topographic name from Gael. eileach dam, mound, bank.

Vars.: Elliot, Eliot(t).

A major familly spelling their name Eliot is found in the Border region of Scotland. They can be traced to Robert Elwald(d.1497) of Redheugh, Roxburghs., who was squire to the Earl of Angus.. Andrew Eliot, a shoemaker of East Coker, Somerset, who emigrated to Boston, Mass., in 1670, was the founder of a distinguisshed American family which included the poet T.S.Eliot (1888-1965), who was born in St Louis, Missouri.

However, the earliest Eliot recorded in North America was John Eliot (1604-90), a Puritan missionary known as the "Indian Apostle", who was born in Herts. and sailed to Boston in 1631. He then settled in Roxbury, Mass. His father was a yeoman who owned a considerable amount of land, some in Ecccex, and claimed Norman descent.

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