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Family Crest Rings

Grand Duke Anniversary Coat of Arms Ring BBB A+ Rating Testimonials

This is about you.

Authentic Coat of Arms Rings

Authentic Coat
of Arms Rings

What are Family Crest Rings, really?


Family Crest Rings or Signet Rings are rings that are going to be with you or the recipient, forever.  This is the ring, for example, your son in the military will glance at from time to time, slip off his finger and read the back:  "Eternal I am." He'll remember the moment you gave him the ring and wonder why you chose those words.  Later in life, he and his wife will buy a set of rings for their twins as they graduate college with the same Coat of Arms and Inscription on the back of the ring.  One day, he asks you about the Inscription on the back of the Ring and you show him the words handwritten by your Great-Great-Great-Grandfather on the inside flap of an old worn Bible  - and now your son wonders, why did he write those words?

Family Crest Signet Rings connect you with your history.

Oval Family Crest Signet Rings

Oval Family Crest Rings

Are your Signet Rings Solid Gold or Gold Plated?

All our Family Crest Signet Rings and Coat of Arms Rings are solid Gold (or Silver, Titanium or Platinum) - they are not plated.  This is an important distinction of value.  We are aware that some Coat of Arms Rings suppliers plate their rings with Rhodium, for example, to achieve a "White Gold" or Platinum-ish look, and have even characterized this as "standard in the industry." Keep in mind - this is a ring that you will have forever and, in all likelihood will be passed down through the generations.  While you may save a few dollars on a gold plated ring, we do not recommend it.

Aristocrat Ring and Grand Duke Anniversary Signet Rings

Aristocrat Family Arms Rings

What Percentage of Pure Gold is in my Family Ring?

Since pure gold is 24 karat and highly malleable, it is not recommend for rings.  One karat is 1/24, or one part, pure gold.  An 18 karat gold ring, for example, requires 18 parts of pure gold (18/24) and contains 75% pure gold - the rest is a mixture of alloys used to strengthen the metal.

  • 9 Karat is 37.5% Pure Gold - Hallmarked as 375
  • 14 Karat is 58.3% Pure Gold - Hallmarked as 583
  • 18 Karat is 75% Pure Gold - Hallmarked as 750 

How can I be sure my 18 karat Family Signet Ring contains 75% Pure Gold?

Look on the back of your ring for the number 750 and the official Hallmark Seal provided on all our rings to guarantee purity.

Cushion Coat of Arms Rings

Cushion Coat of Arms Rings
What's Better: a Die-Stamped Ring or a Cast Ring?

In our estimation, there is no substitute - you want a Die Stamped Coat of Arms Ring.  Here's why:

  • Cast Rings: First, you can usually tell a cast ring when you see one.  They are not richly engraved and are often shown with something elevated on the shield, for example a lion on a shield.  The problem is, if you look carefully at the lion on the shield you will notice it is flat - not richly engraved.  The reason it is flat is because it is a cast ring made with a mould.  In fact, it is not possible to add rich detail due to how the ring is produced: the Cast method - also referred to as the loss wax method.  Cast rings are made by simply pouring molten gold into a mould.  Further, cast gold, like all cast metal, is porous - you cannot see the bubbles but they are there - and will lead to the ring wearing significantly faster over time versus a high-end die-stamped ring.

We only provide Die-Stamped Family Crest Rings - here's our idea of a "Richly Engraved" elevated Ring - click here.

  • Die-Stamped Rings: The first step to understanding the significant difference in quality with a die-stamped ring is to understand how the ring is produced.  We start with a piece of metal (gold, silver, etc.) that is approximately 2.8mm thick and under several hundred tons of hydraulic pressure we compress this piece of metal to approximately 2.1mm thick - and this becomes the density of the metal before the engraving even begins.  We then craft this flat profile into a blank signet ring, which is polished and finally engraved.  Because the ring is engraved after the ring is made onto a highly compressed piece of dense metal, it allows for a more precise, richly engraved Coat of Arms Ring that is incredibly strong and considerably harder wearing for many generations to come.

Classic Silver and Titanium Family Crest Rings

Silver and Titanium Crest Rings

Family Crest Signet Rings from HistoricalNames.com

You will not find better engraved rings on the planet.

  • Our Engraver has made rings for Royalty, whom you would probably know.
  • Our rings undergo meticulous, highly refined engraving to create an authentic, flawless, timeless Family Crest Ring that will leave you breathless.  To get an idea of the superior quality of engraving, we provide high definition images of actual rings which can be viewed throughout our website.  For a more profound view of the high degree of attention to engraving detail, look at the ring from the perspective of its Wax Impression - the reversed mirror image of the Family Seal Ring - click here or here.  
  • These are Die-Stamped Rings (see above) - not Cast or Mould Rings.  
  • We have put fully engraved family rings on customer fingers in four days before: from Order to Delivery.  If you have a special requirement, let us know.
  • Years and years of overwhelming customer satisfaction all over the world - click here.
  • Truly, the Very Finest Craftsmanship, Anywhere.

Hexagonal Family Coat of Arms Rings

Hexagonal Family Arms Rings

We use Precious Metals - not Stainless Steel or other common place Metals.  Why?

We are creating an heirloom not a trinket.

If it's a metal you've never heard of before (Questra, Palisil, etc.) - it's not a Precious Metal, is certainly not a high-end piece of jewelry and without question is an inferior ring lacking the pedigree, artistry and brilliance of an artisan capable of creating an exquisite family ring that will be treasured forever.   

A metal is deemed to be "precious" if it is Rare, Natural and of High Economic Value.  We believe these qualities are interlocked with your high-end, timeless Family Crest Ring. Gold is rare and natural - two perfect characteristics for your custom family ring - a ring that will be glanced at by countless thousands of people over time.  Some will ask about your ring - it's not just another household metal - it's a metal with intrinsic value, designed and carefully engraved with coat of arms symbols that tell a story, your story.

Here is a list of the metals we provide for our Signet Rings:

  • Silver
  • Yellow Gold - White Gold - Rose Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

These are the three universally accepted, truly authentic, natural precious metals that have stood the test of time:
Silver - Gold - Platinum

The observant reader may ask: Is Titanium really precious?  Technically no.  However, if someone were shooting at you and you had a choice of Silver or Titanium, in that moment we would think Titanium would be very precious.  In fact, Titanium is the strongest metal on earth and it has the highest strength to weight ratio which means it is also incredibly light - a ring with character.  This is why we have added Titanium to our collection.

Colossal Crest Rings

Colossal Crest Rings

What Metal should I Select for my Family Signet Ring?

We believe there are a few items that deserve your consideration regarding metal:

  1. Intrinsic Value - Look - Price
    • Certainly an 18 karat gold ring will have more intrinsic value than a 9 karat gold ring due entirely to the content of pure gold.  As the content of gold increases, your ring will assume a more rich gold luster that is unmistakable and easily recognizable.  That said, we happen to like the look of 9 karat gold.  It is a very beautiful metal with a striking color to it and is a metal we feature on many of our family Signet Rings.  
    • So this becomes a bit of a trade-off - What do you prefer: A ring with Rich Gold Luster - Higher Intrinsic Value - Higher Price or A Ring with Less Gold Luster - Lower Intrinsic Value - Lower Price. 
  2. Signet Rings Hardness (Short Version): Is 9 Karat Gold Harder than 18 Karat Gold?
    • In fact, 18 karat gold is harder.  An easy way to visualize the difference between the two metals is to think of 9 karat gold as an egg in your left hand and 18 karat gold as a rubber ball in your right hand.  If you drop both the egg and the ball onto concrete - only one is coming back.  The point: 9 karat gold is more brittle than 18 karat gold.  Certainly, 18 karat is more malleable - if you were to poke the rubber ball with a sharp point, for example, you will nick it.  You cannot poke the egg - it's not malleable - it's more brittle.  Of course, this example is for illustrative purposes - if one drops a 9 karat gold ring it is not going to shatter like the egg.
  3. Hardness (Detailed Version):
    • It is fairly common knowledge that lead is soft (think pencil) and a diamond is rather hard.  In fact there are a set of scientific scales that can provide objective, numerical information regarding the hardness you want in your family crest ring.  For example, if you want the hardest metal there is - a quick glance at the MOHS scale tells you Titanium is your answer.  However, if you kind of like the color of gold and don't really need the strongest metal in the world, take a look at the Vickers Hardness scale - 18 karat gold has the right look, intrinsic value and strength.  The higher the number on both scales, the harder the metal.
MOHS   Scientific Hardness Scales Vickers*  
Lead 1   Silver 100 - 125
Silver and Gold       2.5 - 3   9 Karat Gold 160 - 170
Platinum 4 - 4.5   14 Karat Gold       150 - 180
Titanium 6   18 Karat Gold 170 - 230
Diamond 10   24 Karat Gold 60
*Annealed values - The process heating metal and allowing it to cool slowly in order to remove internal stresses and toughen it.

The information from the MOHS and Vickers Scale confirms a few things we probably already knew about hardness:

  • Lead is soft with a MOHS value of 1
  • Diamonds are hard with a MOHS value of 10 (the highest value)
  • Pure 24 karat gold is very soft and malleable and is not recommended for jewelry because you could quite literally twist it with your fingers.  A very small Vickers value of 60 confirms this as well.
So if 24 karat gold is soft, Isn't 18 karat gold soft too?  

Contrary to popular (but not scientific) opinion, the answer is no and with an upper Vickers value of 230, this is considerably harder than even 9 karat gold.  Most people believe that 9 karat gold is harder than 18 karat gold - in fact, this is an old wives-tale perhaps perpetuated by innocent, though not educated sales clerks.  

Any gold other than 24 karat contains a mixture of metals - alloys - a recipe, if you will.  The amount of pure gold that is hallmarked - guaranteed for purity - is determined by it's karat - for example, 9 karat must contain 37.5% pure gold - the rest is a mixture of other metals.  However, an 18 karat gold ring contains 75% pure gold - the content of a metal that is already highly malleable (gold) literally dominates the character of the ring - making the ring less brittle and stronger than 9 karat gold.

That said, as previously mentioned, we believe 9 karat gold is a truly beautiful color - and it is a color we feature on many of our Signet Rings.  Here is an example of a 9 karat Family Crest Ring and an 18 karat Coat of Arms Ring.

This is probably more information than you may want to know about Family Crest Signet Rings - but we know rings. We've been doing this for a very long time and wanted to share our knowledge to help you make an informed decision.  

All this said, in the end, we know it's all about what your family ring means to you or the recipient.

    Authentic Gemstone Studded Coat of Arms Rings

    Authentic Gemstone Studded Coat of Arms Rings

    How we Create a Completely Bespoke Custom Ring for you:

    Your ring will undergo a series of processes whereby the design is hand drawn onto the ring's surface (in reverse), the metal or gemstone is then carved away (incised) using hand tools, designed and crafted for each specific task and then finally hand polished producing a totally unique seal.

    Natural Gemstone Family Crest Rings

    Natural Gemstone Family Crest Rings

    Custom Signet Rings

    Custom Signet Rings

    Family Crest Pendants

    Family Crest Pendants

    Coat of Arms Desk Stamp

    Coat of Arms Desk Stamp

    Heraldic Beast "Crest" Rings

    Heraldic Beast Pinky Rings

    Scottish Clan Crest Badge Rings

    Scottish Clan Crest Badge Rings

    Testimonial Comments from our Clients

    "Looks good on the website but what will it really look like?  I asked myself the same question and went even further asking myself why in the world would I ever buy anything on the Internet, let along an expensive ring?  With a lot of patience from Stephen at HistoricalNames.com to get me past this (personal telephone calls from eight time zones away) I am very glad to say that what you see isn't even close to what you'll get.  The rings are absolutely exquisite!  If you have a family crest, as I did, but lost your ring or, as in my case getting one for a son's or daughter's 21st birthday, this is the place.   The last ring I had came from my grandfather, hand engraved by an extremely good engraver from Bailey, Banks and Bittle in Philadelphia, but doesn't hold a candle to the die stamped rings I just received for my son and daughter."
    -Richard Denton Borden - Makati City, PHILIPPINES

    "Hi Stephen, I am the happiest woman alive!!!! You and your company have restored my faith in humanity! I arrived at the office this morning to find my parcel on my desk – I opened it with not too much trepidation – having seen the sneak preview – and am absolutely overwhelmed! Lindsay is going to be beside himself! The Sardonyx ring is truly even more perfect than I had imagined. After being so hesitant about doing this order by remote control, I am so encouraged and will certainly tell all my friends and colleagues about the experience. Stephen , once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an asset to the company you work for! If you don’t have shares in it yet (or own it) you should!!!! I hope to do business with you again in the future. You and your lovely wife will also always be welcome in our home – we have a lovely family beach house on the cape coast if ever you want a holiday in these parts. Very Content, Nicky"
    -Nicolette Carkeek - Johannesburg - SOUTH AFRICA

    "Stephen, I can't begin to tell you how refreshing it was to transact business with both you and your company. In this time of E- mails, FAXes, and general lack of personal contact and service it was a delight to work with you. I am so pleased with the match you made in the crest ring made for my #2 son. Not only am I pleased but more importantly he is pleased. When it is time for #3's ring you will be hearing from me. In the meantime, I will be looking forward to hearing from you in regards to the crest cuff links. Thanks again for such a great job!"
    -J Burgess Kegan - Maryland, USA

    "I received a wonderful surprise and gift of a ring made by your company for my big 50th birthday. I was very impressed by the look, feel and fit of my ring. I was left speechless! - Jack I were very impressed first with the customer service Stephen provided to me....calling me at home early one morning to get the details of the order. Stephen understood the importance of me receiving the ring in time for Jack's birthday and ensured that I had it by the big day. In actuality, I received it a week earlier than I expected. I was also very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the ring. It is a truly exquisite piece of jewelry that we can hand down through the generations. I highly recommend this company and their products. - Cheryl"
    -Jack & Cheryl Rischel - Washington - USA

    "Stephen, I received the ring I ordered for my son today and it was absolutely OUTSTANDING. Thank you for helping me through the ordering process to make sure everything was just perfect. Very soon we will be ordering identical rings for every member of the family."
    -Alan Blair - Connecticut - USA

    "I recently received my Family Crest Ring and am beyond satisfied. The engraving is beautiful and the quality is excellent. I am a very impatient person and was not looking forward to waiting the usual 4 to 6 weeks that most jewelers said it would take to make a family crest ring. Stephen was able to expedite the order and I received my ring within 11 days of my first contact with HistoricalNames.com. Definitely a great experience and I would use HistoricalNames.com again. Thanks for the great experience!!!"
    -Alexander Abrams - Maryland - USA

    "Hi Stephen, well what can I say, I am speechless. I received my 3 rings today, they are absolutely stunning!!! The quality & detail in the Family Coat of Arms ring is amazing, I can't stop looking at it. The girls rings are gorgeous too, I just love the letters in the Balmoral script. Thank you for helping me to create our own family heirlooms, you don't know how much this means to me. Our children are so precious, & it's great that I have something very special to hand down to them, to remind them of the unconditional love that we have for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you, these rings are truly priceless. You obviously love what you do, for the quality & service you offer to your customers is second to none and truly superior to anything I have ever seen before, & also, the rings were a GREAT price. The help you provided when ordering the rings was fantastic. I especially appreciated that you contacted me with every detail in the process which was very reassuring. I am very happy I found your site. Thanks again, Rochelle Lehman."
    -Rochelle Lehman - NSW - AUSTRALIA

    -Brian Doran - Connecticut - USA

    "The ring I ordered is amazing! Very, very good quality and excellent service. I contacted Historical Names (Stephen) to see if they would make a ring for my son's 14th birthday within a very tight schedule. Indeed the ring came the night before his birthday. I was actually on the phone to my friend when it was delivered and can't tell you who was more excited. Anyway managed to keep it a secret for a whole 14 hours until my son got up the following day and he opened a present which had a box with a picture of kitchen scales on the front. Not impressed! However, he opened the box and pulled out reams of junk and found the ring in its own box. (Beautiful box) He is absolutely thrilled with the ring. Keeps getting a soft cloth and shining it up. We have shown everyone the ring over the last few days and they are all mightily impressed with it. Thank you so very much for all your help. I am more than delighted with the service and the product and will gladly order from you again and recommend you to family and friends."
    -Amanda Roxburgh - Fife - GREAT BRITIAN

    **Multiple Rings Discount: 1) Discount offered applies to the least expensive Ring, 2) Requires Rings to be purchased at the same time and, 3) Cannot be combined with other offers and/or arrangements.