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arnold Family History
English: 1.from a Norman personal name composed of the Gmc elements arn eagle +wald rule.

2.habitation name from one of the two places, in Notts. and Humberside, named with the OE elements earn eagle + halh nook, hollow (see Hale 1). The name of both places has been assimilated to the given name from earlier Ernehale, Arnhale.

3.Jewish (Ashkenazic): of uncertain origin. Vars. (of 1): Arnhold, Arnould, Arnout, Arnoll, Arnald, Arnaud, Arnall, Arnell, Arnull, Arnott, Arnatt, Arnull; Harnott, Harnett, Hornet(t). Cogns. (of 1): Fr.: Arnou(l)d, Arnoult, Arnaud, Arnau(l)t, Arrault; Ernaud. Prov.: Arnal. Cat.: Arnal, Arnau. Sp.:Arnaldo. It.: Arnaldo, Arnaldi, Arnaudi; Arnoldi (N Italy); Arn(a)o (Sicily). Ger.: Ar(hn)old(t); Arl(e)t (Silesia). Low Ger.: Arnold, A(h)rend, Arndt. Flem., Du.: Arent. Norw., Dan.: Ar(e)ndt. Hung.: Arnold. See also Aaron. Dims.(of1): Fr.: Arnaudet, Arnaudin, Arnaudon, Arnaudot. Prov.: Arnaldy, Arnaudy; Arnauduc (Gascony). Ger.: Arni, Erni, Arnli (Switzerland). Low Ger.: Arn(ec)ke, Ernke. Patrs. (from 1): Eng.: Arnison, Arn(a)son. Basque: Arnaiz, Arnaez. Low Ger.: Arnhol(t)z, Ar(n)tz(en), Ahrens, Ahrendsen. Flem.: Arents. Du.: Aren(d)s; Arendse(n), Aartsen. Norw., Dan.: Arndtsen.

The Victorian poet and essayist Matthew Arnold (1822-88) and his father Thomas Arnold (1795-1842), famous as the headmaster of Rugby School, traced their ancestry back to fishermen in Lowestoft, Suffolk, in the time of Henry 17V.

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