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“Preeminent” – It comes from the Latin Prae (before) Eminere (to stand out) in the 15th Century and requires an unquestionable Pedigree not exaggerated Hyperbole

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Family Name History

Take a page out of history and connect your family with symbols that have real meaning. Embrace your Heritage with an Authentic Coat of Arms Ring and leave a simple, true heirloom for those who follow.

Inscribing for future generations
Here's a thought for the back of your Ring:
Grandfather's Name
Father's Name
Your Name
Son's Name
How cool is that to slip off your Coat of Arms Ring and pass it around the table at Thanksgiving. When your son sees it, he’ll know what to put under his name when the time comes.
Example of Inscribing
Rare Coat of Arms
We start with Rare, Authentic Heraldic Manuscripts in our private collection – actual books in our possession – as an anchor for our Coat of Arms

Take a Look
We then go to work on your Ring – see why these are the very finest Rings, anywhere.
Coat of Arms

Why invest in a Family Crest Ring?

Bespoke Family Crest Ring

It’s more than money but let’s be honest: A high-end bespoke Family Crest Ring is not inexpensive and for this reason you want the very finest engraver with a firmly established pedigree to deliver rich, deep engraving that is unquestionably unmatched anywhere and who stands out among peers as quintessential, the very best. This is what you want – this is what we deliver: Unparalleled Craftsmanship.

You also want to validate that previous clients agree.
Here’s a place to start: Reviews
“I am absolutely left without words from the excellent work that HistoricalNames did in bringing alive my fully customised family crest into a Golden 18k ring.”
A. Favaretto – Banyo - Queensland, Australia
– January 6, 2014

There are many ways to look at the value of a family Ring say in 150 years – the value of the precious metal or the future value of a dollar today. However, the most important value may be the exact moment you present the ring to a loved one or the moment a future great-grandson or granddaughter comes across your Family Crest Ring and reads what you’ve inscribed on the back. Suddenly, the arc of time – historical and future – come together in an instant. The time of medieval heraldry rushes through 2016 and catapults forward 150 years – in that moment.


There is also the value of wearing it. People are going to look, make it worth their while. It may be the topic that breaks the ice so to speak – Is that a Coat of Arms Ring? And so you begin… It conjures up images of a distant, more chivalrous time of nobility when William the Conqueror didn’t have things we take for granted today such as a cell phone: Castles, Knights and Sealing documents with a Wax Seal that could only be cracked by the recipient. People will steal a look from time to time and think about what life was like so long ago. A Family Crest Ring connects you with your history and your future at the same time. Where will your Ring be in 150 years?

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Do we have your name
Symbols are important. Heraldically, every symbol means something different. Here are a few examples:
A Fleur-de-lis is the most prominent flower of heraldry. It is said to mean the flower of Louis and was used by Louis VII.
The Chief is the top 1/3 of the Shield – Granted in recognition of prudence, wisdom and successful command in war.
Saint Andrew’s Cross – the Saltire. One legend has it that apostle Andrew’s request to Roman authorities – not to be crucified on the same shape as the cross of Christ – was granted.

To discover the Symbols and Colors of a Family Crest and what it means, use our Authentic Name Search. We have many Coats of Arms that are publicaly available for viewing, many more available internally and countless thousands more in rare manuscripts for which you can commission a research.

Family is Forever

Family is Forever

Ever wonder what happened to all the time? With the rigors of daily life, the next time we think about something truly important but not urgent is three weeks – or months – from now while driving home from work, and the time after that is anybody’s guess.

But family is important. Trends and technology come and go but family is forever and the things we do today – the symbols we associate with our family will be concretized forever. This is our family – these symbols – these words.

You will find our collection of Hand Engraved Gemstone Rings as well as Precious Metal Family Crest Signet Rings Truly Amazing. We can customize any idea you can think of such as adding Precious Stones (Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds, Emeralds) to your Ring. Some of our clients talk with us about Engraving the Shoulders of their Ring. If you have an idea, let us know and one of our Heraldic Experts will work with you and your idea.

Family gemstone rings

You will also find our other collections to be nothing less than world class. For example, our Coat of Arms Embroideries are Hand Stitched (think needle and thread) with gold and silver bullion and fine French silk. Our Family Crest Wall Shields are Hand Painted by one of the Best Heraldic Artists in the world. We offer a wide selection of Custom Framed Surname History and Coat of Arms items smartly Double Matted in Black with Gold trim.

Have a look around and enjoy.

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